Real Estate Appraisal In Georgia

Real estate appraisal is one of the most important services in the real estate sector. Appraisal of a property, such as an apartment, is necessary before buying, selling, refinancing or even real estate rental. A misjudged cost means missed opportunities and potential financial gain.

What does our investment consultancy entail?


Expert On-Site Visit and Inspection: Our real estate agent conducts a thorough inspection of your property in accordance with international standards. This hands-on approach ensures comprehensive information gathering, surpassing the insights obtained through online appraisals.


Market Analysis and Comparison: The next step involves researching the current Georgian real estate market and comparing your property with similar real estate types. This comparative analysis aims to ensure objectivity in the assessment process.


Creation of a Detailed Written Report: Upon completing the appraisal, you will receive a comprehensive written report evaluating your property from various perspectives. This report includes photographs, maps, scale drawings which is a part of our house plan measurement service in Georgia, and other supporting data, providing a legally binding document that can be utilised in private and state institutions.


Final Consultation: Following the report submission, our specialists will explain the findings in plain language and address any questions or concerns you may have.


With a deep understanding of the local real estate market, we offer unparalleled insights into investment opportunities. Our team comprises certified real estate appraisers committed to delivering accurate valuations and appraisals. We provide end-to-end solutions to meet your investment goals, from property valuation to investment consultancy.


In addition to property evaluation, ReInvest offers the following services: backyard and landscape design, maintenance, renovation services, etc.





What Does ReInvest’s Real Estate Appraisal Service Cover?


Our real estate appraisal service encompasses a comprehensive range of offerings to ensure an accurate assessment of your property’s value. This includes an expert on-site visit and inspection, meticulous market analysis, the creation of a detailed written report, and a final consultation to discuss findings and insights.



When Might You Require Real Estate Appraisal Services?


Real estate appraisal services are indispensable in various scenarios, including property transactions, mortgage refinancing, divorce or estate settlements, and tax appraisals. Whether you’re buying, selling, or seeking financial clarity, our appraisal service provides invaluable guidance.



Why is a Site Visit Essential for Real Estate Appraisal?


A site visit is fundamental for a thorough real estate appraisal conducted to international standards. Unlike online appraisals, a physical inspection lets our agents gather crucial information and observe nuanced details that significantly influence property valuation. This meticulous approach ensures accuracy and reliability in our appraisal assessments.


Where to Invest for Maximum Returns?

Each city boasts unique investment prospects, and our expert team is here to provide tailored insights to guide your decision-making process.

Why Invest in Georgia?

Georgia’s real estate sector is experiencing unprecedented growth, fueled by rising tourism and migration trends. Property values in cities like Tbilisi and Batumi have surged by 30%, with rental prices skyrocketing by 250%.

Where to invest in Georgia? Tbilisi, Batumi, Bakuriani, Gudauri or other place?

We can say that each direction has its pros and cons. Tbilisi is a year-round in-demand location for tourists and expats and capital of Georgia. Batumi is in super high-demand in summer, but the rest of the year you should count only on expats (whose number seriously grow). Bakuriani and Gudauri are winter resorts, where biggest revenue you get in winter from tourists coming for skiing. However, Gudauri is more expensive in that period of year than Bakuriani, but Bakuriani is in demand in May-Sep periods as well, as many locals are taking their families there for clean and healing air, coming from pine trees.

What ROI will I get from owning a Georgian property?

Georgia is a country with developing economy and high political risks. Economies with similar conditions have high risks, and therefore high potential of returns. High inflow of tourists and war-related migrants are boiling real estate sector. To the latest data the real estate purchase prices in Tbilisi and Batumi increased on average by 30% within a year and the rental prices by 250%. ROIs predictions highly vary, but realistically – 10-13% in Batumi and 8-12% in Tbilisi.

Which district is preferred in Tbilisi?

For lovers of history and those who plan to rent out property to tourists in Tbilisi, we advise the districts of Sololaki, Abanotubani, Vera, Avlabari, Chugureti. Here you can live in an old Georgian house (which is 100-150 years old), walk every morning along the narrow streets, know everyone by sight. This is a special aesthetic, tourists want to feel this artistic atmosphere, but living there permanently, as a rule, gets boring after a while due to poor infrastructure. The most budget-friendly real estate options should be sought in the areas of Gldani, Isani and Samgori. Something in between – in Didube and Sanzona. We recommend to buyers of private villas to take a closer look at the areas of Didi Digomi and Tskneti, Kaklebi.

Can I register Property Ownership remotely?

Property Ownership can be registered remotely, through Power of Attorney

What are the documents required for property ownership registration?

Passport and purchase agreement which can be set up in accordance to the law by our lawyers.

How much is the property transfer tax in Georgia?

There is no property transfer tax in Georgia.

How long does it take to register a property ownership?

Registration of a property in Georgia is one of the fastest processes in the world. Right to ownership can be registered on a same day of application.

What benefits apart from investment returns do I get from owning a property in Georgia?

Owning a property appraised for more than USD100,000.00 is a criteria of getting Georgian residency permit. Appraisal of more than USD300,000.00 grants you 5-years residence permit which eventually becomes permanents residence permit.

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