Renting an Apartment: Everything You Need to Consider

May 15 2024

Read the blog about renting an apartment and find out what you need to consider in order to minimize the discomfort of the transition process. Our real estate agents will help you at every stage: they will select and evaluate an apartment, they will help you arrange documents and simplify the transition process.

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Real Estate Agency on Buying Apartment in Georgia: Tbilisi or Batumi

Apr 23 2024

Buying Apartment in Georgia is most popular demand we deal with in Ri.GE real estate agency. Real estate / apartments in Tbilisi and Batumi are obviously the most in-demand directions.

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Buy Real Estate In Georgia Remotely

Apr 08 2024

Buy Real Estate in Georgia Remotely with Trusted Real Estate Agency. For remote purchase of property the buyer shall send a power of attorney notarized and apostilled, further translated and notarized in Georgia, where the notary also creates a public act.

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Apartment Renovation in Tbilisi, Georgia

Mar 30 2024

Explore apartment renovation in Tbilisi, Georgia, where the need for updating homes is growing. From fresh makeovers to full rebuilds, learn about the different starting points, like black frame or fully renovated apartments. Understand the costs and how they change based on what you want and the apartment's condition. Find out why picking the right company matters and how a good renovation can boost your apartment's value

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Investing in Batumi Real Estate: Why Now is the Right Time

Jul 19 2023

Batumi's real estate market is born for investing! Ri.GE discusses how Batumi's growth, location, and welcoming policies make it an ideal spot for investing.

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Georgia Real Estate Investment: 5 Reasons to Invest Now

Jun 14 2023

Why invest in Georgia real estate now? Find out how its economy, prices, opportunities, environment, and location benefit investors.

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