Apartment Renovation in Tbilisi, Georgia

Mar 30,2024 Read 4 min

Apartment renovation services in Georgia, especially in cities like Tbilisi and Batumi, are in very high demand. Studies mention that construction sector’s annual turnover increases by 18% on average in Georgia for last 8 years. In addition with existing real estate / apartments renovation needs in Georgia – new developments and constructed apartments – both are in need of renovation company.

Georgia has become attractive for investors from all over the world. Investors are actively buying apartments in Georgia from developers or on the secondary market. Normally, intention is to keep it for family vacations and for getting stable high ROI from rental of the real estate in Georgia. When one buys apartment from the developer or on secondary market – normally – apartment needs renovation.

Home renovation services in Georgia normally start with blueprint / measurements and respective home design services. On this stage it is crucial to find professional renovation company, which can provide services under one roof.

Condition of property in Georgia to be renovated

There are typically several conditions in which the properties are passed to the new owner:

  • Black frame;
  • White frame;
  • Green frame;
  • Old Renovated;
  • Newly Renovated.

All these conditions have some objective characteristics, however they are more for very general reference purposes and in each case the condition details must be agreed in advance.

Black frame

The condition in which apartment has basically only walls with windows and entrance door. Plain area without separating walls.

When apartment is in such condition – all the renovation works are needed, including putting pipes /electricity into the floor and filling the floor / screeding.

White frame

On the level of white frame – screed floor, separating walls, electricity and plumbing spots are done.

⁠Green frame

On the level of green frame – all the perks of white frame, plus heating system pipes installed, walls are plastered, doorframe in-between the rooms is done. And area is prepared for final paint job/tile works.

Old Renovated

Old renovated apartment in Georgia is normally called 30+ years old renovation. Such apartment normally always need a full renovation, including taking off the wallpapers, getting rid of old furniture, changing tiles / electricity / machines / sanitary points.

Newly Renovated

If you are fine with the newly renovated apartment – you still may need to make minor renovation in apartment / cosmetic renovation. Such renovation normally is related to updating different home appliances, changing visual part in accordance with preferences of the new owner.

Cost of renovation of apartment in Tbilisi

Obviously, this is impossible to say in advance what is the price of renovation of apartment in Tbilisi. Price of the renovation of any real estate in Georgia highly depends on:

1. Taste and preferences of the new landlord – Often landlords are trying to use more economy type furniture, and appliances with consideration that the tenants will be negligent towards the Apartment. On the other hand for premium type of apartments, the landlords are trying to purchase and install only premium type of appliances and furniture.

2. Condition of the apartment – Renovation of old renovated apartment is normally the most expensive if the renovation is too outdated and the word out. Black frame might be cheaper to be renovated as there is nothing to demolish in it comparing to old renovation apartment.

3. Type of apartment –  Investors in Georgia need to decide whether they are intending to rent out in newly built apartments / old or very old apartments. Renovating old type of apartments (which are 30 – 60 years old) – is normally cheaper as they are rented for economy tenants. Renovating very old apartments is normally the most expensive, because for example, making renovation in historical type of building, requires special permit, and or special type of renovating brigade, which will follow special instructions in order to have apartment in compliance with the condition it must be.


What are the benefits of renovating an apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia?

The better the shape of apartment – higher is its market value for sale and rental purposes.

How long does an average apartment renovation take?

It depends on the condition of apartment. For cosmetic renovation for small apartment, one can count on minimum of one week in the best case scenario. Bigger the place and deeper the renovation shall go – longer the time needed for renovation.

How do I choose the right renovation company for my project in Georgia?

Choosing right renovation company in Georgia is pretty hard for the foreigner. Often the renovators are physical persons, not legal entities. Often, they do not put contracts. We believe that the right renovation company is the one that can provide their portfolio, multiple references from previous employers, in case of renovation of a very old historic buildings in Center of the Tbilisi – hiring brigade, that has a special license on renovation of a very old historical buildings. Putting contract on renovation is crucial in order to protect your interests.

Why is it risky to start my renovation without having a design plan?

Exterior and interior design is crucial in order to have the final image of apartment in advance. It helps avoiding surprises and clearly identifies what is expected to be done by the renovation company.

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